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Is a degree from snhu respected

SNHU also has offices in downtown Manchester and in the city's historic millyard. As part of our focused effort to make education accessible for all, SNHU is committed to offering affordable pathways for campus and online students. SNHU proudly offers one of the most affordable tuition rates in the nation for online undergraduate degrees. Freezing tuition is just the beginning. Tuition and fees vary by program.

is a degree from snhu respected

For more information, please visit our Tuition and Fees page. All programs offered by SNHU are encompassed by this regional accreditation.

SNHU's Online Enrollment Is Soaring, Just Don't Compare It To A For-Profit College

In addition to regional accreditation, certain SNHU undergraduate and graduate programs also carry specialized programmatic accreditations. Please visit our Accreditations page for more information. Yes, SNHU is a private, nonprofit, fully accredited institution.

As a private university, we rely heavily on private donations, contributions, and tuition to provide nationally-recognized education for our students. SNHU offers countless resources to ensure student success, including, but not limited to, merit-based scholarship programs, dedicated advisor support, ongoing career services for alumni, and numerous opportunities to build student communities - both online and in-person.

According to the National Center for Education Statisticsstudents who pursue their bachelor's degree at private nonprofit institutions experience much higher graduation rates than their counterparts at for-profit schools. SNHU will accept as many as 45 credits from previous coursework if you're working toward an associate degree, up to 90 credits towards a bachelor's degree and up to 12 toward a graduate degree. Courses with a grade of C- or higher at an accredited institution are usually eligible to be transferred.

We recommend gathering your unofficial transcripts and contacting us to request a transfer evaluation. As a fully accredited institution, SNHU's credits are generally accepted by all colleges and universities.

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We believe that standardized tests do not effectively measure a student's subject knowledge, or their ability to succeed. Additionally, by eliminating this requirement, students are able to pursue a faster, more flexible pathway to their education. While our innovative online programs are a big part of who we are, our roots as a traditional business school predate the Internet by decades.

Today, students can choose from hundreds of career-focused degree programs - some entirely online, and some on campus. For students who would like a blended learning experience both online and on campus we are happy to work with you. Please note that a few of our programs, such as the MA in Clinical Mental Health Counselingmay require a blend of online and on-site learning.

If you have questions about your program of choice, let us know.

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With the exception, of course, of your name, degree program, and date of receipt, all diplomas are exactly the same. All online and on campus students will also have the opportunity to celebrate their success during our shared graduation ceremony weekend.

See over 1, student and alumni stories on our website or on Youtube. About Us Commonly Asked Questions. Where is Southern New Hampshire University? How much does SNHU cost?At least it is for online degrees from accredited, non-profit schools with established brick-and-mortar programs, which SNHU certainly is.

At the undergraduate level, an SNHU degree is a reasonable alternative.

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Southern New Hampshire University is a legit, non-profit, regionally-accredited school with a acre campus. Unlike a traditional campus, where a student would experience two semesters a year, online terms at SNHU run eight weeks for undergraduate and ten weeks for graduate degree programs.

Over the last few years, the Southern New Hampshire University SNHU bus has traveled across the country delivering diplomas to students, in celebration of their success. While the bus is not currently on tour, it did make a special stop at Goffstown N. Getting paid to go to school is not just for students attending traditional schools.

Many online colleges will pay you to attend. Apply for admission to a qualifying school of choice. SNHU had an percent acceptance rate in fall for undergraduates, more on par with public institutions than private colleges. Skip to content. Search for:.Learn More. Learn More Write a Review. No Reviews - Be the First! Review Reviews.

This school doesn't have any reviews yet. Help future students make informed decisions by reviewing your school today!

Southern New Hampshire University Online Reviews

GradReports is supported by advertising. Schools that compensate us advertise via school search results. This does not influence our college rankings or our content. Find an Online Degree: Select a Program. Select a Level. Accounting - Master's.

is a degree from snhu respected

Business - Bachelor's. Business - Master's. Business Administration - Bachelor's. Communications - Bachelor's. See More Programs. Degree: Healthcare Administration Graduation Year: Needs to go back to school! Degree: Accounting Graduation Year: I had extenuating personal circumstances that caused me to be incomplete for my last class.

My student advisor said I had 60 days to complete the work, however my professor would not accept that. Now SNHU wants me to pay the balance for that class though I filed a dispute and provided extensive documentation to back up my claim of extenuating circumstances.

I should also mention that in my very first class there, Managerial Accounting, I actually had to report my professor for plagiarism. Degree: Criminal Justice Graduation Year: However, that excitement took a major turn for the worse.

Although everyone I spoke to was kind when I spoke to them, I had absolutely no control over my degree. The advisor I was working with wouldn't give me any information to access a course plan, my email, or any student portal information. She registered me for my classes as well without giving me an option of what classes to take. I also found out that my advisor had signed me up for the next three terms without my knowledge.

I decided quickly after reviews that I should drop my classes and work something else out and figure out my own schedule. It would not let me drop my classes, an advisor had to do it. In all my college experience, I have never felt so powerless over my own education and schedule.

I sent email after email and my advisor just spun me around in a circle and wouldn't let me drop the classes. A phone advisor said my original advisor was the only one who could do it. Then proceeded to ask what personal reasons I was dropping my class for. I never took a class from SNHU but my experience was a college students nightmare.Request Info Apply Now.

Big Data is a huge part of business today. But how do you break into the field? SNHU's data analytics associate degree program can provide the foundational knowledge you need to help launch or continue your career. This credit program is perfect for those looking to understand the basics of data analytics. It can also provide a seamless pathway to a bachelor's — as all 60 credits may be transferred to our BS in Data Analytics program.

Credits can also be applied to one of our many STEM degrees. Choose from a variety of full programs and concentration areas such as business management, cyber security, project management and software development. As an online SNHU student, you'll also have access to a number of valuable learning and networking experiences, including:.

Plus, if you have some college experience already, we'll accept up to 45 credits toward your associate program — saving you time and tuition.

With an increasing number of executive leaders turning to data to better manage their organizations, there are several different directions a professional with data analytics skills can go. These skills, McKenzie notes, are valuable for many different roles in many different environments. You may find junior roles for jobs like:. That said, if you're looking to position yourself for a higher-level role, the AS in Data Analytics can provide a strong pathway to a bachelor's degree in a variety of STEM areas.

If you'd like to continue on and earn an advanced degree, you can take advantage of our master's degrees in data analytics onlinein addition to many other online master's programs.

An advanced degree in data analytics can help prepare you for a number of different roles and industries. The U. Bureau of Labor Statistics, for example, notes that the top industries for operations research analysts in 1 were:. Take advantage of some of the lowest online tuition rates in the nation, plus financial aid for those who qualify.

We also make it easy to transfer to SNHU by accepting up to 90 credits for a bachelor's degree and 45 credits for an associate degree from your previous institution. Founded inSouthern New Hampshire University is a private, nonprofit institution with overgraduates across the country.

Recently, SNHU has been nationally recognized for leading the way toward more innovative, affordable and achievable education:.I am looking to attend SNHU online. I have to do online since I am in the military and I am constantly being deployed or switching between day and night shifts. What is your opinion with this school? I am trying to stay away from schools like Ashford and Devry. Any suggestions or opinions would be greatly appreciated. Hey thanks Roaringmice, I appreciate the heads up and will look into the schools you listed.

Nobody wants to spend years getting a degree that is useless. Employers and other schools don't respect them. It's better if you go to a school that's attached to a respected, "brick and mortar" school. SNHU is a low-tier university. Pretty easy to get into, considered "okay", but not "wow". They'd be an okay choice, but you may want to keep looking, so you can see what your alternatives might be. You should also check to see if the public unis in your home state offer online degrees.

Many do now, and in most states, you'd still qualify for in-state tuition, as a member of the military. SNHU would be a great choice, both educationally and financially. They are respected by employers and their business program is just as tough as big named schools.

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Furthermore, ignore RoaringMice's comment that SNHU is a "low tier" school, since it is not a low tier school, but a "high tier" tier 1 University. Regent is a very well respected university. It is Christian in philosophy, so if that's ok with you, it's definitely worth looking into. It's a private school, so it might be a little pricey. Check out the credentials online. It has undergrad programs, grad programs, a law school and it's demanding in curriculum.

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My SNHU Online Learning Experience

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Update: Hey thanks Roaringmice, I appreciate the heads up and will look into the schools you listed. Answer Save.There's a good chance you've seen commercials advertising Southern New Hampshire University, even if you don't live anywhere near the state. Although the name may sound like a public university, SNHU is a private, non-profit school, and those ads have helped fuel a big online enrollment boost in recent years. If the university hits that target, it would be doubling the 17, students Inside Higher Ed reported were enrolled online in October The school's campus in Manchester, N.

Mazzola declined to discuss how much SNHU spends on marketing, but he did confirm that the school is running commercials nationwide. However, that growth comes with a critical look by outsiders, most recently in a Slate article last week by University of Southern California professor Gabe Kahn. And like for-profit colleges, the article notedSNHU spends "millions" employing at least admissions counselors. Am I being too defensive when writers get our story wrong? For-profit colleges have been the subject of investigations from the U.

Senate and Government Accountability Officerevealing deceptive and predatory recruitment practices and that students at these schools are twice as likely to struggle to repay their education debt. Following those revelations, enrollment at proprietary schools has droppedand some for-profit college presidents have attempted to distance themselves from bad actors in the field. Indeed, nearly every one of SNHU's recent ads emphasize that the university is a non-profit school.

That's not to say LeBlanc views for-profits as inherently evil. SNHU had an percent acceptance rate in fall for undergraduates, more on par with public institutions than private colleges.

But like private schools, it dishes out financial aid to 9 out of 10 students on the campus, according to LeBlanc's post. It's no doubt that part of the revenue used on financial aid is due to the school's expanding online education programs that are reminiscent of for-profits.

Like for-profitsSNHU is heavily reliant on adjunct instructors, according to Slate, though traditional and public schools have increasingly sought more part-time faculty as well.

And LeBlanc wrote in the blog post last week that the school is considering hiring two dozen additional full-time faculty just for the online programs. Education Department for federal funding. The program allows students to earn a degree when they show they've mastered the course contentrather than based on the number of hours spent in the classroom -- theoretically allowing them to graduate sooner for less money.

We are doing our best in our own way. Others will find their path. US Edition U. Coronavirus News U. HuffPost Personal Video Horoscopes.

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is a degree from snhu respected

Terms Privacy Policy.I'm looking into going through SNHU's online degree program for a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science with either a focus on web development of computer security. Online degrees are no where near public universities. I have heard many bad things about online programs like you can't find a job after you graduate because the courses are not the same as you would take at a public university. But, if you have connections you probably will end up with a job. Also check whether the university and the program is accredited.

In computer science, a lot of employers now want your program to be ABET accredited. SNHU - nothing wrong with the place, generally speaking. It's a traditional uni that offers online degrees in addition to campus based programs. This, as I mentioned, can be an issue for some employers, and not for others, so that's something you need to weigh.

Commonly Asked Questions

Military sounds like a good course for you. I think your question at this point is what branch. That is, if you want to go active duty. There's always the probability you'll be sent into the war.

And even if you're not active duty, money isn't really an issue. You can join army national guard or air force national guard. Slightly lower travel possibility.

Why not look at the training possibilitiess for those branches and find something you'd like to learn and do for the military. You could be stationed at a base close to home, do your work for the base and still live at home, work at home, and get decent money to help with the student loans. Overall, my suggestion would be national guard so you don't give up your whole life and current ambitions for a number of years.

Best of luck. A degree is one thing - if you can show potential employers work that you did that works, it should be better. Otherwise, online for profit schools have a middling reputation at best - there's a lot of incentive to accept just anyone and soak them for money without providing much of anything in education. It doesn't mean everyone suffers from that - if you maximize your use of what you learn, you should be fine, but don't expect just a degree will get you far.

Build a portfolio of working sites to showcase your work, now. Guess it depends on the degree and classes. Yeah, that place is considered like the University of Phoenix. Everybody gets in. So you should still get a good job. Trending News. Lucille Ball's great-granddaughter dies at A warning sign for Trump at The Villages in Florida.

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